Being a youth corper is the dream of every Nigerian undergraduate and even graduate. It marks the end of a particular phase of life and the beginning of another one. It is also another opportunity to see life in different levels. My being posted to Ogun state as my place of service has taught me a lot about life, though I will have time to share this in another post. Another thing is that as a youth corper you will be opportune to encounter certain things you will never encounter again. Some think it is project management and other professional courses, but I disagree. For me, there is one thing I thank God for being a part of, and I know that I will never be opportune again in this life to fully be a part of, that is the NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN CORPERS’ FELLOWSHIP (NCCF). My full experience in the fellowship will be discussed later in subsequent posts. However, when I learnt of the Annual National Conference coming up in Jos, Plateau State, I made up my mind to be there no matter what. Of course, it was not without a cost, because I had to pay a total sum of N8500 for both registration and transportation.

Prior to the journey to Jos, a lot of things wanted to be a hindrance, like my Area Inspector (A.I.) who expressed disapproval at the letter that we wrote to the Local Inspector (L.I.) with respect to our journey to Jos, and also the fact that I was almost broke. However, I had made up my mind that no matter what happens I must be in Jos for the conference.

We were to depart to Jos on Wednesday, 23rd October; hence we travelled to our State Family House on Tuesday night where we slept for the night. On Wednesday, by 5.30 am, we were already on our way to Jos. The Journey was quite an experience for me- from Ogun state to Oyo state to Osun state to Ondo state to Edo state to Kogi state to Abuja to Kaduna state and then to Plateau. We arrived Jos at about 9.25pm (almost about 16 hours journey- the longest I had ever taken in my life!)

Immediately we had arrived Jos, the first thing that greeted us was the cold weather. Jos is really cold in the night, though we were adequately warned. So, while we waited to be checked in by the security officials, we but on our socks, hang gloves, sweaters and head warmers. After due registration protocols, we were permitted into the NCCF National Camp at Mista Ali8, Zaria road in Jos. Afterwards, we queued for our dinner, because the opening programme was already over when we arrived. While waiting for our registration, I met two of my friends- the Ekiti state Rugged (i.e. Evangelism coordinator)-Bro. ThankGod, and then Bro. Kenebechukwu. When I finally finished eating, I met the Plateau State Rugged, who was my brother on Campus-bro. Levi, and we exchanged pleasantries. I finally went to locate a place to rest my head. Then, the hostels were just temporary tents made with rods and tarpaulins. When I finally laid down to rest, it was like a punishment, the cold was biting from all corners, but I had no option, I said my prayers and closed my eyes, and sleep came……

I woke up early in the morning to the biting cold, only to discover that several people were already awake and praying, I also had to join the routine- prayed a little, then went to brush my teeth. The last thing I ever dreamt of in Jos was morning bath. All through my stay in Jos, I never dared to have my birth in the morning! I dressed up and came for the morning session which was taken by Pst. Kosh. At the first day (i.e. Thursday), I met a lot of my friends- Sis. Onyinye (one of my closest female friends on campus-who was also a sub-zonal Aunty (Gen. Sec) in Niger state), Sis. Precious (who was a Zonal coordinator in Edo state), Sis. Ijeoma (in Akwa Ibom), Bro. Chibuzor, Bro. Godswilll, Bro. Kenneth, Bro. Joshua (who was a zonal coordinator also in Akwa Ibom), and a host of others. It was a wonderful reunion. The camp itself was packed with a lot of Jesus corpers from ALL the states of the federation. By the National president’s records, we were up to 4100 corpers in attendance, and the camp was well secured by security men.

Spiritually, the conference was power-packed with Rev. Sam Oye taking the Relationship talk, Uncle Steve Udeh taking the Leadership and Ministry talk, Dr. Lengman taking the health talk, and to cap it up, Bro. Gbile Akanni of Peace House had three slots of his sermon on the theme of the programme (A New Altar unto God). Time and space fails me to start sharing the details of their talks, but what struck me most from Bro. Gbile’s sermon was his encouraging us to be real and to stop faking and pretending before God. It was a wonderful time with the Lord, the drama ministrations (infact the one done by Ekiti state made me cry), the choral ministrations (I learnt a lot of new songs), and others. I do not forget also K Sax’s ministrations and Victor Atenega (a worship leader) who led us to God’s throne in worship. There were also talks from different Mission group (CAPRO, NEMA, CMFI, etc), and Christian books were very cheap there, probably because the headquarters of Association of Christian Booksellers is in Jos. I even bought Nelson Mandela’s autobiography for N500-not pirated copy!

I do not forget my meeting the Edo State Papa (state president) since my two sisters served in the state, especially the second one who was their former State CBJ (Central Bank of Jesus-that is Treasurer), he was so happy to see me, and introduced me to my sister’s successor. So I made two more new friends- the Edo state Papa and CBJ. It was a wonderful time for me in God’s presence.

The programme lasted all through till Sunday morning when we left by 6am for Ogun state. I do not also forget the sister that sat beside me all through the journey (Sis. Ukaa), and the two sisters I went with from my zone (Temitope and Chioma).

I write this article in hope that it will be an encouragement to all Christian Corpers’ to give themselves fully to God’s service in NCCF as long as they find themselves serving. Under that great body you will be helped a lot in life, and you will garner a lot of experiences in life- lessons you can never learn in an Academic class. God bless you.



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  1. Wow! Nnaa dat was great! Enjoy ur nysc 2 d fullest.waiting 4 ur transformation from copper to gold.wil love 2 hear ur stories of triumph

  2. National Confrence was indeed a life time experience. Evendo I was busy, because all state Transport and Organising Secretary are told to arrive the venue earlier before the programme commence fully to ensure adequate preparation. I served as (NCCF Ogun State (Transport and Organising Secretary 2013/2014) it was indeed a experience. As a Corper one most not miss 3mjor programmes in NCCF regards of where you re serving(NYSC). Number 1(RURAL RUGGED Evangelism) which is the call vision of NCCF. Number 2(STATE CONFRENCE) Number 3 (National Confrence) . If you miss this Major programmes YOU are wrong. Long live NCCF,LOng live RURAL RUGGED.

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