Recently, I came across a news report of a 14year old boy being arraigned and tried in court for sexually assaulting (or in common language raping) a 7-year-old girl. The question of rape has been a long standing issues, and in fact, so many organizations (Governmental and Non-governmental) exist solely for addressing that issue – pre or post-rape. Many times, we find a lot of rallies being organized by different people where you see so much talks being made on how bad rape is, and also banners hanged around with the inscription- SAY NO TO RAPE!

All these notwithstanding, things seem not to be changing significantly. Now, I may not be bold to say I have found a solution to this societal menace, but I desire to add my voice to this issue from an angle that has been severely overlooked by the world in their battle against rape. Yes, we can say, RAPE IS BAD. We can shout SAY NO TO RAPE. We can make laws against rape, but have we ever stopped to wonder, “what goes on in the mind of a rapist?” “What are the realities that go on in a young man’s mind that incite him to sexually assault a member of the opposite sex?”

The truth of life is this; we are not ourselves! We are a product of the interplay of our natural animalistic tendencies, experiences and ambience. Three things play a great role in the formation of a rapist:

EVOLUTION: The very thought that we are descendants of mammals, that we are nothing but mere animals who just developed more complex thinking patterns and behaviors poses a major threat to humanity. If I am no different from a cock or a goat, etc., then I may as well go around sleeping with the opposite sex anyway I like (with or without their consent). After all, when was the last time you saw a cock or He-goat or dog seek the female’s consent before having sex with her? It is natural with must animals to have sex by ‘rape’, and to kill their fellows as they will. It only takes a consciousness of God, an understanding that all of us (including the members of the opposite sex) were created in God’s image, and that our highest goal is to live life that glorifies God. When we understand that it is by living life according to God’s standards that we fulfill our highest purposes, then our greatest animalistic tendencies (to have sex, or survive or kill) can be tamed by the knowledge of the Most High.

HUMAN NATURE: The desire to have sex is in-built. It was put in us by God. It is part of His awesome plan for the enjoyment and procreation of humanity. However, since He created man in His own image, He does not expect us to live carelessly as a consequence. This was why He gave us restrictions concerning having sex. That way we show we are of a higher stock than other animals. However, must of us have lived with the notion that “the existence of a thing justifies its usage”. This argument Walter Trobisch in his book I LOVED A GIRL, blows apart by citing the instance of a police man who had been given a gun. Does the presence of the gun in the police man’s hand justifies its usage?index2

Also, should we take away the gun from the police man’s hands because we do not want him to use it? No! We will still leave the gun with the police man so that when the time comes for him to use it, he may freely use it. Hence, he must exercise self-control in not using that gun until usage time. So it is with our sexual drive, God gave it to us for a time when we will need it. Until then, we must exercise self-control, not to use it before our time, not to talk of using it forcefully on others.

The third one is the most critical factor in it all, and I will give it a full post’s attention. Please try not to miss it.


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